Oct 17th, 2007, Chris Wilburn and I headed out for a fall and what would be our last chase of 2007. Hoping to end the year with a bang we raced down I-44 and set up in Edmond, Oklahoma to chase a promising looking cell coming out of Chickasha, Oklahoma. We stayed with it and had a nice round of quarter sized hail (nor shown in this video, it was in the same parking lot that is seen in the beginning of the film). We followed the storm almost all the way to Hallett, Ok but stopped and met up with Tyler Constantini Joey Ketcham and after a short pause decided to resume chasing. We then separated from them headed for Tulsa where we messed around a bit at night in the squall line on our way back to Welch, Oklahoma to call it quits for the night. One could say the chase was a bust since we didn't see a tornado but I'd like to say otherwise since these storms were still very scenic and it was a good day to just get out and away from the office.

The Doors – Riders On The Storm

Source: Supercell Time-lapse (10/17/07) (Youtube).

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