Tuesday, June 26, 2012 West of Moose Jaw between Shamrock and Mortlach, Saskatchewan After the most chase in 10 years, this 22 second stands alone as the most amazing in this channel's history. Three days and 300 clips later! We started out on the riverboat cruise on Saturday, just starting to program the new BlackBerry PlayBook in what was to begin a memorable 3 day chase. Gunjan Shadow Hunter and Jared Mysko took off from Saskatoon on Sunday towards a growing system over , Alberta. The entire story can be found in our archives on www.canadianprairiestorms.blogspot.com This tornado was preliminarily rated as F-2 to F-3 as damage was limited to a storage shed being destroyed, a line of trees shaved off and a snapped power pole. It went right over a farmers's yard and tossed some things around there but luckily didn't do major damage from what we found. Environment Canada has yet to complete their investigation. Gunjan shadow hunter, @jaredmysko and team "Canadian Prairie " This video was posted from the field using a Blackberry Playbook Tornado was on the ground for about 3 minutes, 5 to 5:34pm

Source: Tornado West of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (Youtube).

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