www.wx-pilot.com https This was a very interesting day, especially, due to being so late in the year. I left Kansas City at 10am and drove to the Medford Oklahoma area. Forecast models were showing a fairly good chance of tornadic supercells around this particular area towards the early evening. The scenery was beautiful even though it was flat. All the crops had been harvested, the dirt was rain soaked and red, the grass was brown and dormant. As this storm started to billow upwards, it developed some very interesting and beautiful color to it and that made it contrast to the Oklahoma scenery perfect. First, was watching the development of the storm from the moment it started upwards, to its development, followed then by a persistent bowl funnel. I re-positioned south of the mesocyclone to avoid potential and maintain a free view. I was treated to a beautiful shaped funnel that made its way to the ground. It wasnt on the ground for long before a secondary funnel, a skinny little rope funnel, reached out of the side of the . Right towards me. I watched it momentarily before the storm started being undercut by outflow, thus, killing the tornadoes. It was a great chasing day for sure!!!! Two tornadoes near the towns of Wakita and Medford while storm chasing in the fall.

Source: Wakita Oklahoma Tornadoes Sept 17 2011 (Youtube).

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