NOT FOR REBROADCAST Available for license Filmed in Phil Campbell, AL The closest full recorded pass of the Hackleburg & Phil Campbell, Alabama tornado. The most powerful and longest tornado of the day during the 2011 Super Outbreak on April 27th. Email: Music at the end: CC BY-ND I put a camera on a tripod in the window to record it before we took shelter. You can here the rumble of the tornado at the beginning of the video get louder and louder as it approaches. Sorry, the annoying rattle noise at the beginning is an air-conditioning vent. Power goes off at 0:13 then comes back on at 0:19, it finally goes off for good at 1:08 for several days. Winds in the Tornado: 210mph+ (EF-5) The Tornado & Storm Forward Movement during video: 70mph Length: Over 132 miles long Peak : 1.25 miles Some damage facts: -Ripped a concrete roof off a in Phil Campbell. -Ripped up in Phil Campbell. -Sucked up a 2+ ton tractor in Phil Campbell which was never found afterwards. -Blew away a house that had foundation anchor bolts. -Scoured up the ground in areas. Fatalities from this one tornado: 72 Injuries from this one tornado: At least 145 Music clip: Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND Free to Share this Music, to copy, distribute, transmit the , and to make commercial use of the . Artist: Christian Petermann Album: ACOUSTIC GUITAR Lounge Song: RideSlider

Source: Tornado F5 Very Close Video! April 27th 2011 The Historic Super Outbreak Phil Campbell, AL Tornado (Youtube).

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