Please SUBSCRIBE for the Best Music and Breaking NEWS !! …. Surveillance Video of Mobile Alabama Tornado Havoc Surveillance Camera Captures Tornado Ripping Through Parking Lot Outside (Customers Run Inside) Watch A Tornado Rip Through An Alabama On In , more than 34 tornadoes were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. At least 100 homes and businesses were damaged by storms in Mobile, Ala., CNN is reporting. The video below shows one of those tornadoes tearing through a drug store in Mobile, Alabama. Just released Footage. Pharmacy on . at the loop in Mobile Alabama when a tornado struck the area on Christmas Day. Footage shows both outside and inside of business. Watch as customers scramble to safety. A Tornado struck this same area just five days prior to this Christmas day Tornado. Severe Weather Spawns 34 Tornado Reports From Texas to Alabama Severe Christmas day weather tore across the deep South, spinning off 34 possible tornadoes and killing at least three people in its path, while extreme weather is forecast throughout today for parts of the East Coast. The storm first pounded Texas, then touched down in Louisiana and blasted through homes in Mississippi. In Mobile, Ala., a wide was barreled across the city as lightning flashed inside like giant Christmas <b>…</b>

Source: Walgreens Tornado Video Mobile Alabama | Watch Tornado on Walgreens CCTV On Christmas Day (Youtube).

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