One, and possibly two tornadoes on the of Madison, AL – September 2, 2012. Video starts out showing developing . This part of video taken from I-65 and overpass, looking SW, and then SE. Tornado #1: : On Browns Ferry Rd near Bowers Rd. Looking SE. Tornado estimated to be near the and Mill Rd area. Very difficult to pinpoint exact location. Time of tornado: 5:20pm local time. Tornado (apparant) #2: (and apparent tornado location): Browns Ferry (Gillespie) and Balch Rd. This tornado is apparent due to the large tree limbs falling from the sky from several hundred feet. Time of tornado: 5:24pm local time. Videos shot by Chuck Robertson

Source: Weak Tornado(es) west edge of Madison, AL – September 2, 2012 (Youtube).

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