On May 22, 2011 the unthinkable happened…an EF-5, 3/4 to 1 mile wide tornado developed in seconds and tore through the heart of Joplin, Missouri. This tornado left a path of complete and total destruction for 22.1 miles. It ranks as the deadliest and could be the costliest in in U. S. History since 1947. Legendary Storm Chaser and Emmy Award winner Jeff Piotrowski along with Storm Chaser Kathryn Piotrowski were storm chasing on that day and captured every single heart gripping moment in HD…at times being within blocks of the deadly core…and certainly they were always in the the outer portions of the tornado from 20th and Shifferdecker on to Grand Ave. where they aborted the storm chase and went into search and rescue mode. Jeff and Kathryn were the first persons onto Iowa St., a portion of Joplin where the core of the EF-5 ripped through. Jeff began pulling persons from the rubble and Kathryn with the aid of their chase vehicle began pulling large, twisted metal debris out of the road for what she hoped would be emergency personnel to gain access to persons in need. Although emergency vehicles did not arrive…scores of heroic individuals…some injured, some not, brought their vehicles in and began transporting injured survivors, one by one…people who had just lost their own homes began a concerted effort to find neighbors, family and friends. "It was the most amazing testament to humanity…to the Spirit of Joplin".
This Limited First Edition DVD has interviews from several survivors, their experience as they rode out this deadly tornado. First hand accounts of amazing survival and selfless courage…You will not want to miss this DVD.

Source: Joplin Tornado Storm Chasing the EF-5 Limited First Edition DVD Trailer (Youtube).

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