watch full video at Tornadoes Tornadoes Tornadoes Tornadoes Nebraska Tornadoes Oklahoma Tornadoes Tornado Kansas Wichita Wichita Tornado Wichita Woodward Oklahoma Tornado Green News Six people were dead on Monday after more than 100 twisters tore through a of the central United States over the weekend, leaving a trail of devastation from Texas to Wisconsin. All six fatalities occurred in the state of Oklahoma, according to US news reports which had reported five dead shortly after the tornadoes hit. Reports said a sixth victim who succumbed early on Monday in the hard-hit town of Woodward, population about 12000 which also reported 30 people injured after being hit by a ferocious tornado. The National Weather Service said that the immediate threat of more tornadoes had diminishedon Monday but residents of so-called Tornado Alley — the plains states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota where tornadoes are prone to strike — were bracing for the possibility of an especially violent storm season, according to meteorological forecasts.

Source: Wichita Kansas Tornado Damage Midwest Towns (Youtube).

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