Texas along with John Burgdorf made the trek up to Northern Oklahoma for the first severe weather day of the Fall 2011 Severe Weather Season. We unfortinietly missed the tornadoes that occured near Wakita, OK by about an hour after storms further west weren't able to organize. We blasted back east and were able to position ourselves just ahead of an organizing storm. Just as we were about to pass through it, a large area of 70+ MPH winds descended from the storm and we ended up driving right through it. As can be seen in the video, it ended up bending stop sign poles towards the ground.

We then proceeded about thirty miles south, back south of Enid, to a discrete supercell. While this storm wasn't able to organize any low level rotation because of cold inflow from the previous storms, it did make for a nice sunset. In addition, the cows you hear in the video weren't too happy to see us!

Source: 9/18/2011 – Severe Winds and Sunset Supercell in Northern Oklahoma (Youtube).

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