We had a great conversation with John Burgdorf, founder if DFW Scanner. They provide instant information on EMS events like accidents, fires, and police for the DFW area and surrounding communities. They have a team of contributors who help to interact with their audience and provide valuable information. Using the power of social media, they have done a successful T-shirt campaign, provide local fire houses with supplies such as water, and showcase local EMS vehicles and patches. For more information about DFW Scanner, their links are below.


Special guest at the end of the show was Joshua Johns, a Texas A&M meteorology student who captured a lightning strike on campus. He talked about his surprise on how viral his photo became. The photo was showcased during the show.

Episode 4 of TSC Conversations will feature Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry and meteorologist Jeff Jamison from CBS 11 in DFW.

If you would like to be a guest or want to recommend one, please email us at contact@texasstormchasers.com.

Source: TSC Converstations Episode 3 – John Burgdorf with DFW Scanner (Youtube).

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