This is the footage of two extremely rare tornadoes from May 11th, 2014 that Eric Burns and my self filmed while chasing in south central Nebraska.

The first tornado featured in this video is anticyclonic, meaning that it was spinning in the opposite direction of which tornadoes normally rotate. Only two percent of all tornadoes are anticyclonic so the fact to see one, especially one this strong, is very rare. In addition to that the anticyclonic rotation of a storm normally does not last but for a brief moment but as seen in this footage the anticyclonic rotation in the base of the storm is extremely vigorous and was very well sustained for a long period of time. This was not the only anticyclone in this storm, numerous other times not shown in this video the southern edge of the storm had vigorous anticyclonic rotation and other anticyclonic tornadoes were reported.

The second tornado seen in this footage is hard to spot by the untrained eye and to many will look like intense precipitation. Infact it was a special kind of wedge tornado. A wedge tornado is defined as a tornado that is wider than it is tall. This particular one happened to reach a maximum size of one and a half miles (2.14km) wide. It is extremely rare for tornadoes to reach this size and when they do they are especially violent. This particular tornado produced EF-3 damage with winds of 140 mph. This tornado very well could have actually be stronger with higher winds but it spent much of its life over open terrain where it did not produce damage.

It is the second tornado in this video that impacted me. While that footage was omitted from this video it can be seen on here via this link:

Source: Anticyclonic Exeter and 1.5 mile wide Cordova, NE Tornadoes 05/11/14 (Youtube).

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