FOR NOVICE CHASERS: While watching this, read the description to this video below to learn how to safely approach a classic supercell's mesocyclone.

This video highlights the safe way to approach a supercell from the south. You will notice that the the mesocyclone at the start of the video is to the northwest of my position. To safely approach the supercell I drive just ahead of it to the east and then attack it from the south.

While keeping the storm in sight I keep my self ahead of the storm's location and turn north so that I can move into position well ahead of the mesocyclone before it passes my location.

Once I now have the mesocyclone directly to my west I begin my approach, keeping the location of the rotation just to the north of the road I am on. As the supercell moves off to the northeast I am able to safely stop and observe the area of rotation from a close proximity while staying safely out of its path.

While at this point in time the storm did not produce a tornado you can see it produce a funnel which, had it been on the ground, would have safely passed in front of me without crossing my path or possibly moving onto my location with a sudden turn.

Source: Approaching a supercell in SW Oklahoma (2012) (Youtube).

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