Storm Chasing Highlights of 2014 and one extraordinary Tornado Chase from April 14, 2012 make this, the 6th in the Journey Through Tornado Alley Series DVD…ONE SPECTACULAR DVD. The 6th Series will also be made available on Blu Ray. The DVD and Blu Ray will be released on Feb. 15, 2015. The 6th Series will feature The Tupelo, MS Tornado Chase Day, The Pilger, NE Tornado Chase Day and several other incredible chases along with our trip to Iceland to chase the remnants of Hurricanes Cristobal. The hurricane weakened to a depression as it tracked across cooler ocean water.

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Can You Hang With Awesome?
We Think You Can.

Hang on for The Ride of Your Life!

Source: Can YOU Hang With AWESOME?! TwisterChasers Trailer Extended Release (Youtube).

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