On May 22, 2004 Jeff and the chase crew dropped south out of Wilber, NE, unknowingly they had just crossed the path of what would become known, in 2004, as the widest tornado in recorded history.

The tornado had started 2 miles north of Daykin, NE traveling 52 miles to the northeast before dissipating 1 mile west of Palmyra, NE.

When the tornado struck the southern portions of Wilber, NE it strengthened to F2 then to F4 North of Claytonia, NE.

From Wilber, NE northeast to Hallam the tornado path width also increased to a monstrous size of 2 1/2 miles wide. The El Reno Tornado of 2013 toppled the Hallam record with a path width of 2.6 miles wide.

Source: Never Before Seen Footage! The Hallam, Nebraska Tornado of 2004! (Youtube).

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