Our new DVD is ready for pre-order!! The wait is finally over for our new DVD Release for 2013 entitled "Storm Chasing 2013 – The Year of Extremes"! In the world of Severe Weather 2013 was truly a year of Extremes from the mile wide Bennington, KS EF-4 that remained nearly stationary for an hour to the Moore, OK EF-5 that took a similar path as the 1999 EF-5 to the record breaking 2.6 mile wide El Reno Tornado that changed the face of storm chasing forever. This DVD has it all! Included are clip feature shorts of the May 26 Spectacular Arcadia, NE supercell, May 1 Coyotes and Lightning, May 27 Extreme Mammatus, along with a time-lapse dash cam piece of the entire El Reno May 31st chase day and the Extended Release of the Oct 4 Wayne/Correctionville Tornado. Our tribute to Tim Samaras, Paul Samaras and Carl Young is a beautifully edited piece by Kathryn Piotrowski of the Rozel, KS tornado and storm chase.

Storm Chasing 2013 – The Year of Extremes offers dramatic footage shot by great names in the storm chasing community – Moore, OK – Rocky Rascovich and his son, Leif…Ryan Thies, Brian Stertz, Rich Thies, Kellie Kruse. Bray, OK – JR Hehnly. Bennington, KS – Dustin Wilcox and of course, footage from Jeff and Kathryn Piotrowski.
This years DVD also has Google Earth maps incorporated into the piece for stunning visuals of where the storm chasers were in relationship to the storm, the tornado damage path with before and after damage shots. Another first for this DVD is footage from our ChaserCam™ Copter of damage areas giving a very unique and real perspective of the magnitude of damage left from these devastating tornadoes.
Please visit TwisterChasers.Com to pre-order your DVD today! Thank you and please "Stay Safe and ALWAYS Be Severe Weather Prepared!"

Source: Storm Chasing 2013 – The YEAR of EXTREMES – An Exciting NEW RELEASE from TwisterChasers (Youtube).

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