June 3 2014 gave Storm Chaser Jeff Piotrowski a run for his money when it came to interpreting the ever changing model data. The Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK had issued a Moderate Risk for a large portion of Nebraska and Iowa with the chance of strong tornadoes and then later in the day issuing a High Risk with regard to a damaging wind event. The evolution of the storms that day were dependent on where outflow boundaries ended up and how strong the cap held in place (among other things). Jeff and fellow storm chaser Dustin Wilcox of Severe Chase did an excellent job in forecasting the location of the strongest storms that day and Kathryn captured one bonafide tornado to the ground, under extremely fast passed and less than desirable conditions. It was a grueling chase with lots and lots of dust, gustnadoes and spin ups all over the place. The day ended with the chase team capturing a monster gust front time-lapse. IMOP June is the new May and its not over yet!

Source: Tornado and Gustnadoes on the ground June 3, 2014 (Youtube).

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