Kathryn Piotrowski had just barely began going out storm chasing with her husband Jeff Piotrowski and his chase partner Brian Stertz when she decided to take a trip out to visit family members near the panhandle of Oklahoma with her mother….and with severe weather in the area…decided to take a detour. This one event made a believer out of Kathryn to get a HAM license…GPS…Internet DATA…and if your going to Storm Chase…it is not for the faint of heart and it is NOT for amateurs. She began studying weather book after weather book, REALLY taking notes, studied for and got her HAM license (KD5RHE) and of course, taking spotter training courses. "Storm Chasing is serious business…if someone just thinks they can go out and chase a tornado warned storm without some training or knowledge of how the weather works…[they]are setting themselves up for potential for disaster". She and her mother had little to no cell coverage, no GPS, no internet Data, only a Kansas Road Map and a TV in the car. Please go to http://www.twisterchasers.com/2001_severe_weather.htm and read the archived account of that incredible chase day/night.
"Oh…it was purely by the grace of God, that we made it out alive that night…trust me…we were in the direct path of that violent EF-4…within minutes of facing total destruction. Sure…my training to that point helped us to survive…but I had no way of knowing in the dark and without data how large that monster was…I was going on my gut…and I like to think I have an angel watching over me ;)".
Huge thanks to Brian Stertz for giving me vital cell phone information as well as Meteorologist Aaron Tuttle. Thanks guys! Oh…and Thanks, MOM for not disowning me:)!

Source: Tornado Hoisington 2001 0421 (Youtube).

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