Video of extreme tornado probe deployments from Dominator 3 and our armored follow vehicle on the massive mile-wide wedge near Coleridge, NE on June 17, 2014!!!

**If you haven't seen our last season of TORNADO CHASERS, and you want to see more crazy tornado intercepts from the Dominator team, watch our episodes from the 2013 Season at

For live streaming video, our network of storm chasers on the TVN live page now is over 200, including several veteran chasers covering the active 2014 monsoon season. Chasers are in position south of Phoenix on severe thunderstorm warnings right now at

Any subscription fees go straight to supporting our storm chasing and tornado field research with the Dominators. Thank you to all our fans who have supported us over the years!

Source: 2014 STORM CHASING HIGHLIGHT #1 from Dominator 3! (Youtube).

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