LIGHTNING DRIVING SAFETY tips brought to you by @BoschAutoParts : I know it's a little late, but deadly lightning can happen year-round, especially in the southern U.S.

And even the Bosch Icon Wiper blades cannot protect you from lightning inside your vehicle.. Here are some tips that can keep you safe when lightning strikes and you are caught on the road.

#1 If you can hear the thunder or see the lightning you already have been at risk for awhile. There is no shelter that is absolute safe from lightning, but some are safer than others.

#2 A fully enclosed vehicle like a car, truck, bus, van, or Dominator provides good shelter from lightning, but only when you avoid touching metal areas including the steering wheel and have the windows rolled up.

#3 When you encounter a storm on the road in your vehicle, the safest thing to do is to pull over and ride the storm out with your hands in your lap and the windows rolled up.

#4 The reason a vehicle is safe during lightning is the charge is directed around the outside of the vehicle creating a Faraday effect with the occupants inside protected.

#5 Even though vehicles are generally a safe shelter from lightning if the above tips are followed, damage can definitely happen when lightning strikes a vehicle – including burns and complete shutdown of electrical systems.

*National Lightning Safety Institute (2014)

Source: Close-range lightning highlight video! Safety tips from @BoschAutoParts (Youtube).

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