On May 19, 2013, an outbreak of strong to violent tornadoes occurred over parts of south-central Kansas into central Oklahoma. Veteran storm chasers Gabe Garfield, Marc and Sharon Austin, and Amy Edmonds documented two separate storms which produced multiple tornadoes. They filmed their first tornadoes of the day just southwest of Wichita, Kansas before heading south to intercept a powerful supercell just east of Norman, Oklahoma. This storm produced a long-track EF-4 tornado that affected communities from near Lake Thunderbird and the Shawnee Reservoir to north of Interstate 40 (where, at maximum intensity, it missed the massive Firelake Casino complex by roughly one mile). This tornado finally lifted northwest of the city of Shawnee, but the parent storm produced at least two additional tornadoes northwest of Prague, OK, later in its life cycle. This video also serves as a great example of the many challenges of chasing storms in heavily wooded, hilly terrain.

For more on this multi-day outbreak across Kansas and Oklahoma, including exclusive footage from the violent tornado that impacted Edmond, Oklahoma and points east, visit http://www.tvnweather.com/ondemand

Source: Multiple tornadoes from the Kansas-Oklahoma outbreak: May 19, 2013 (Youtube).

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