Superstorm Sandy was a tragic natural disaster that we likely will never witness again in our lifetimes…Or will we? Sandy was a storm of Katrina-like scope where a hurricane and trough in the Polar Jet Stream combined to create a devastating "Nor'easter on steroids," with a deadly storm surge from Manhattan through the Jersey shore, and record breaking blizzard in the Appalachian Mountains. 6 months later, we've dealt with an unprecedented in late April and May of 2013 after an active this past winter. It seems that our weather and short- is becoming more and more unusual and extreme with time. This first Man vs. Storm compilation shows the struggles of humans against such extreme natural disasters.

Featuring Dave Holder, Mike Scantlin, and Blake Knapp.

Source: Superstorm Sandy: The Day After Yesterday (Man vs. Storm, Episode 1) (Youtube).

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