Earn AMAZING REWARDS by supporting Tornado Chasers now!
TORNADO CHASERS is our groundbreaking new documentary featuring , world-renowned and star of the Discovery Channel's series. 2013 is looking incredible for chasing, but WE NEED YOUR HELP to make a great documentary series this year.

Here are pledge rewards we're offering as a special thank you:

$1 – Our thanks and a thank you email from Reed and the team
$5 – A 2013 Tornado Chasers wallpaper, a digitally signed jpeg of the Tornado Chasers team, and everything above.
$20 – A season pass for the entire 2013 season of Tornado Chasers plus everything above
$35 – 2 bundles of the 2013 Tornado Chasers season (one personal bundle and one ) plus everything above.
$50 – A total of 3 season passes to 2013 Tornado Chasers (all fully giftable) plus everything above
$100 – A signed copy of Into the Storm, plus everything above
$250 – An exclusive poster for 2013 Tornado Chasers, signed by the entire TVN cast and crew plus everything above.
$500 – A 30-minute one-on-one phone call with Reed via phone or Skype plus everything above
$900 – An invitation to a personal screening of the premiere episode of Tornado Chasers with Reed Timmer and the crew, plus everything above.
$3000 – Dinner (up to 2 people) with Reed! He'll pick you up in the Dominator and take you to dinner in Norman, OK (travel to OKC not included), plus everything from the $1 to $900 gift levels
$10,000 – Be part of Tornado Chasers 2013! Chase in Dom 1 in Reed's caravan From May 5-11, 2013 and appear in an episode! Includes everything from the $1 to $900 gift levels.

Source: Tornado Chasers Needs Your Help! – Kickstarter (Youtube).

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